CiSCO is pleased to announce the launch of the CiSCO CEMS Online Training Center!

The Training Center contains more than 70 online training videos that cover regulatory requirements, database structure and functionality of the CeDAR Data Monitor, Database Editor, and Report Generator.  Additionally, there are cheat sheets for daily calibration and CGA linearity requirements and a comprehensive glossary.  We continually add to this library to include the breez75x software, CEMS hardware and other technical related training videos and tools.

Users have 24/7 access and can view the video library and other tools at their leisure.  The video format allows you to pause, rewind, or replay.  The training videos can be played from a tablet, laptop, or computer with internet access allowing you to view the videos directly in front of the DAHS computer or in front of the other items you are working on.  Test your knowledge at the end of each section and a certificate of completion with be issued for successful completion of the tests.

The behind the scenes learning management system allows us to track progress and usage.  This can be helpful in determining who is using the Training Center, how often, how much they’ve learned, and how beneficial it is to your organization.  Subscriptions can be setup for individuals, by site or fleet wide.  Additionally, courses can be targeted to individual needs.


Contact CiSCO for more information on pricing and access to the Training Center.