CiSCO is an engineering driven company. This direction has been led by our president, Len Richter, who is a BSEE with over thirty years experience in design and implementation of gaseous analytical systems and associated instrumentation. Designing and building custom, quality CEMS solutions is our only business; we are not a division of another company.


Because building quality CEMS is our only business hardware support begins at the factory with stringent quality control on every system we build. Because the most cost-effective hardware support is support that you will never need our goal is to build CEM systems that require minimal attention. To satisfy specific periodic support needs, we provide the following:

  • We provide operation & maintenance training and technical support for RATA’s, startup and certification.
  • We perform emergency service and periodic maintenance with highly skilled CEMS professionals.

Our parts department offers a complete range of spare parts for your system, expertise in ensuring you get the part you need and they also have a complete line of calibration gases. Our analyzer maintenance team has over thirty years of analyzer repair experience. Analyzer repairs or adjustments can often be made in a collaborative effort between site personnel and CiSCO’s analyzer repair specialist with just a phone call. More complicated problems can usually be corrected by sending the analyzer to our Colorado offices where we will attempt to get it repaired or adjusted in less than seventy-two hours.

CiSCO prides itself on the best service and support we can provide our clients. We have both telephone and e-mail support. An after-hours call to our offices can be directed to our 24-hour emergency line that will be routed to the appropriate person to return your call as quickly as possible.