Why CiSCO?

Custom Instrumentation Services Corporation (CiSCO) is a full-service systems house specializing in the design, assembly and support of CUSTOM Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and, with the integration of flow measurement, Continuous Emission Rate Monitoring Systems (CERMS). CiSCO also provides Opacity Monitors and Data Acquisition and Reporting Systems (DARS).














CiSCO received the Black and Veatch "Outstanding Supplier Award" for "Exceeding All Expectations".

A full-service systems house supplies complete systems. CiSCO provides all of the hardware, software, and service to make your CEMS perform successfully for your unique application. You receive engineering assistance from concept and design, to report generation and certification, plus follow-up field service to maintain your system into the future. You can count on CiSCO to assume total responsibility for assuring that your system performs to your exact specification. You can expect guaranteed certification by an independent third party test team at a fixed price.

CiSCO is not an analyzer manufacture and so, does not incur the high overhead costs of development and production. The instrumentation industry spends huge amounts perfecting its analyzers. Manufactures’ investments in research, product development, and quality assurance have made analyzers so reliable they’re seldom the weakest link in a system. CiSCO invests its money and energy in improving the overall system, rather than individual analyzers. By avoiding all the cost associated with analyzer enhancement and manufacturing, a system specialist offers you a more economical choice. CiSCO provides a lower price for equal scope, which means more value for your dollar.

Instrument manufacturers usually have a quota or, at least, an inventory of analyzers to sell. A full-service systems house has no such pressure and is able to make the best choice for each application. With no brand loyalties or obligations, CiSCO retains the objectivity and freedom to select components uniquely suited to your exact needs. No single manufacturer makes the best analyzer for each type of measurement. By combining the technologies offered by several instrumentation companies, CiSCO provides the optimum solution in every case.

Why choose a full-service systems house? You’ll get a complete system and CiSCO assumes total responsibility. We start each job with a blank sheet of paper, with nothing but you and your individual application in mind. You’ll receive a quality, turnkey system at an affordable price with significant savings. You’ll get unbiased advice from beginning to end. CiSCO pledges a sincere, continuing commitment to your satisfaction. Please consult CiSCO for all of your CEMS/CERMS needs.