A change at the top

In December 2012, Len Richter announced that, after nearly 30 years, he was stepping down from his position of President of CiSCO.  Walt Bastron who has been with CiSCO for over 15 years, assumed the role of president on January 1, 2013,

Len’s new position will be Vice President of Engineering.  Having Len in a leadership role in engineering will allow him to focus on developing solutions for more challenging applications and create new measurement solutions.   He will mentor a new generation of engineers that will tackle the challenges of the ever changing regulatory and economic reality of the emission monitoring industry. This will help CiSCO continue to thrive and serve as a springboard to further differentiate us from our competition.

Walt is determined to continue to deliver the quality of services and products the industry has come to expect from CiSCO.   Walt’s background as Director of Software and Vice President of Business Development has made him well versed in both software and hardware applications. He is focused on customer service and promoting CiSCO’s products and services on a world-wide scale.

Len’s tenure at the helm has firmly pointed the CiSCO ship in the right direction. We look forward to Walt’s continuation of this upward trajectory and commitment to ensuring CiSCO’s position as the leader in the CEMS industry.