CeDAR is a Data Acquisition and Handling (DAHS) Software Package

Custom Instrumentation Services Corporation is pleased to introduce our SQL based software product, CeDAR 5. CeDAR 5 uses Microsoft SQL Server as the database management system which is significantly more powerful than Microsoft Access (the database system used by CeDAR 4). CeDAR 5 introduces some major advantages over CeDAR 4 including:

-Database sizes are now limited only by the size of the computer’s hard drive.

-Has the ability to run in the background, allowing data collection without forcing users to be logged onto the computer.

-Improved security, including customizable permission schema, i.e. read only access for plant operators and full read/write access for administrators.

CeDAR 5 will be available in the first quarter of 2013, if interested please contact CiSCO at 303-790-1000 for more information.