One of the decisions every plant will need to make is whether to have a rack-mounted touch panel like an Automation Direct or PanelView Plus or to go the route of CiSCO’s PC based RealView.  Some of the main differences between the two options are size and overall capabilities.  HMIs are typically small rack mounted devices that take up no floor space and serve as the interface between the hardware components and the User.  The HMIs can be used for data display, initiating calibrations, entering bottle values, taking the system out of service and other interface functions. The HMI is limited to just the unit(s) housed in the CEMS shelter where the HMI resides.

PanelView Plus is a Human Machine Interface that is available for CEMS

RealView does everything that the HMI can do, plus as a computer based software it runs on a standalone computer.  This computer can be a desktop computer and, if there is a room in the shelter, can be housed in the shelter on a desk or mounted in a rack.  Additionally, Real View can be installed on any computer on the CEMS network, regardless of location.  That means you can look at and interact with Unit 2 while sitting in the control room or another shelter.    Lastly, the RealView computer can also contain an instance of the CeDAR software; which allows you to view and edit data on any computer where you are interacting with the unit  Additionally, reports can be printed from the RealView computer.

It is also possible to have an HMI in the shelter and add a RealView to the DAHS computer in the Control Room, environmental office, the instrument shop, or anywhere else on the DAHS network.  This setup would allow plants to operate as normal while in the CEMS shelter, but also have direct access to the hardware interface from remote locations.

If you’re interested in changing your existing HMI to a RealView or you want to add a RealView to your CEMS, contact CiSCO Software 303-790-1000.