Custom Instrumentation Services Corporation’s Second Annual User Group meeting was a huge success thanks to the wonderful attendance and participation of our customers. With over 50 people attending the conference there was a great discussion of ideas that will help CiSCO serve our clients better.

During the conference CiSCO presented material on the CEMS’ Life Time (an evaluation of obsolete equipment and discussion of the life span of many CEMS hardware components), Environmental Updates, new features in CiSCO’s software, some common EDR issues, and Realview vs. HMI. CiSCO was proud to show off the new Frequently Asked Questions page of the website, an idea that was proposed during the 2011 User Group.

Kevin Batchelder, CiSCO's Lead Programmer show new features of CeDAR (DAHS) and breez75x

Kevin Batchelder, CiSCO’s lead software developer, also unveiled the new SQL Server based software CeDAR 5 (picture to the above shows Kevin demonstrating some of the features of the new software). This year’s attendees gave CiSCO some great feedback on how to better serve our customers. This newsletter was suggested this year and is one way Custom Instrumentation Services Corporation is trying to keep our customers informed of changes in the industry, EPA rules, regulations, as well as changes at CiSCO.

If you would like to know more about what was discussed at the 2012 User Group meeting feel free to follow the links to the right.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s CiSCO CEMS User Group Meeting and would like to invite all of you back next year. If you didn't hear about our User Group Meeting but, would like to be included next year please contact Jack Donovan.