About CiSCO

Two members of the CiSCO management team worked for the Environmental Technology/Measurement Controls Division of Lear Siegler, Inc. (LSI). Len Richter, along with Jim Gray, brought LSI into further prominence with extractive technology during the ‘80’s.

In all, these two men garnered nearly 20 years of valuable monitoring experience at LSI. Now, together at CiSCO, they’re expanding a company dedicated to creating satisfied customers. “What does it say in the contract?” has been replaced by “What does it take to make the customer happy?” This kind of management philosophy along with sales policies that put the customer first, have helped build CiSCO into a recognizable force in the CEMS/CERMS marketplace. In addition to client sensitivity, it should be noted that, with one exception, every CiSCO CEMS has been certified on the first attempt, that one exception succeeded on the second try.

CiSCO’s oldest customers are still our best and many have placed repeat orders. CiSCO’s focus remains on servicing our clients extraordinarily well! It’s unrealistic to claim 100% success, but CiSCO concentrates on keeping its accounts satisfaction index as high as possible. A leading A&E consulting firm in the utility industry conducted a survey of CEMS/CERMS suppliers. They claimed the most critical question was their final one: “Would you buy from this supplier again?” CiSCO received a resounding “YES” in every case questioned. It should be noted that CiSCO was the only company in the survey with a perfect score on that question!

Len Richter, president and founder, is a knowledgeable perfectionist who addresses every design as if it were his own. His sincere, personal conviction to offer the best possible solution in each application permeates the entire organization. Under Len’s leadership, the CiSCO team has achieved the reputation of consistently supplying the best value. Always the highest quality, often not the lowest initial price, CiSCO is committed to maximizing performance and satisfaction, while minimizing maintenance and long-term expenses.