The CeDAR Solution

CeDAR is your best solution for data acquisition, display, storage and reporting of Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) data. Since CeDAR’s 1998 launch, it was developed as a highly configurable, user-friendly product, which will meet present and future data acquisition and reporting needs.

CeDAR’s applications are broad in scope. Whether you have turbines, incinerators, boilers, smelters, furnaces, or something else CeDAR can handle it. Whether your system is a multi-unit installation with multiple fuels and multiple combustion sources, or a single-fueled source, CeDAR can be configured to meet your needs.

CeDAR is versatile. CeDAR offers a wide variety of real-time user interface screens. It is built on a Windows platform and allows for multiple screen displays to be open and viewable at the same time. CeDAR can display quantitative numerical data simultaneously with trends, from multiple sources at the same time - in real-time.

CeDAR is expandable. It comes with an array of standard reports and the ability to configure custom reports to meet your individual needs. The Report Design Wizard allows users to design, configure and store their own report designs and formats, as well as use the standard reports, provided with their system.

CeDAR has a comprehensive trending package that allows users to graph multiple parameters on a real-time, minute-by-minute, hourly or daily basis. Its Value Editor allows operators to view, verify and edit a wide variety of data.

CeDAR provides three levels of security to limit access to different parts of the program. Security levels can be tailored to allow all users to change some settings or data, but limit other settings or data editing to only a select few.

Data can be archived to any mass storage device automatically or manually. Additionally, CeDAR is provided with an easy to use installation program so that if anything ever did go wrong with a computer, it could be reinstalled on another computer in minutes.

CeDAR complies with all federal, state and local (40CFR51, 60, 75, 89, 266 and 503) data acquisition and reporting requirements. It can interface with popular PLCs including the GE9030, Allen-Bradley PLC5, SLC500, CompactLogix and ControlLogix, as well as OSI’s PI Historian, Modbus and others.

The Configurable Advantage

CeDAR provides distinct benefits to the end-user because of its flexible design. When permit requirements change or alterations to your site occur, simply contact CiSCO with your needs. CeDAR’s configurable database can be altered to provide the data required for your changing requirements as well as screens and reports. CeDAR’s flexibility allows these changes to be completed in a very short time.

Expansion Capabilities

CiSCO makes a continuous effort to satisfy customers with specialized applications to me their needs and to make reporting easier for the client. CiSCO satisfies these needs with fully compatible add-on modules such as our ECMPS and the CAIR Reporting Package (breez75x), the San Joaquin Valley Data Logger application, RECLAIM, PADEP, NJ-EER and others. These modules are simple to install and access data already provided by CeDAR.
CeDAR also provides users the ability to enter CGA/linearity data directly into the database. The data can be viewed and analyzed. Reports can be printed and data is automatically exported to the EDR, for those sites required to submit EDRs.
CiSCO is able to rapidly respond to upcoming needs because CeDAR is written using the latest Microsoft development tools. This makes our design more flexible and extensible.

System Requirements

CeDAR operates on any PC using a Pentium CPU with Windows XP/Vista/7/Server 2003 and Server 2008. Optimal performance is achieved for both CeDAR and EPA software with 2 GB, or higher, of RAM. The required hard drive space varies with the amount of data stored, but 80 GB is the typical.