There may be occasions when a part, product or instrument does not seem to be operating according to the specifications. In those cases, Customer must promptly notify CiSCO of the non-conformance or defects, and provide CiSCO an opportunity to analyze the issue and inspect the goods. Goods shall not be returned without CiSCO 's prior authorization, as evidenced by a Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) number issued by CiSCO. Following receipt of a RMA number, Customer shall return goods, transportation and insurance prepaid, in accordance with the RMA Process below. Failure to follow CiSCO ’s RMA process may result in lost goods, delays, additional service, restocking charges, warranty denial, or refusal of a return shipment. CiSCO’s RMA number must appear on the shipping label and all paperwork associated with the return.

RMA Process

1. 1. Call CiSCO Customer Service to explain the issue and request an RMA number. 303-790-1000.

2. 2. Fill out the RMA Form, below, entirely including the item(s) being returned and the reason for the return along with original date of sale and Sales Order Number.

3. 3. Place the Form in the box with the item(s) being returned. Package your shipment carefully. Damage caused by improper packing is not covered under warranty.

4. 4. Return the authorized items per these Shipping Instructions.

a. Create a shipping label including the RMA #.

b. Ship only the items authorized in the RMA #. Other items will be refused.



Francis Drake                                                                                             RMA#: 12345678

123 45th Street

Rock Springs, AR  54321


7841 South Wheeling Court

Englewood CO  80112

Ship authorized goods to CiSCO, 7841 S. Wheeling Court, Englewood CO, 80112.


Issuance of a RMA number by CiSCO does not necessarily mean CiSCO agrees that returned goods are defective or covered under warranty, or that goods will be repaired or replaced at no cost to Customer.

Goods repaired or replaced under warranty shall be returned to Customer at CiSCO ’s expense.

If any goods returned by Customer are found not to be defective, Customer shall be so notified and such goods shall be returned to Customer at Customer’s expense. If the repair or replacement of goods is not covered by warranty, such repair or replacement shall not be performed until and unless Customer issues an P.O. to CiSCO authorizing such repair or replacement at CiSCO ’s then-current repair or replacement price. In addition, Customer may be responsible for testing or inspection costs.

CiSCO will not retain or store returned goods for more than four (4) months.


Repairs are subject to CiSCO’s Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Return Materials Authorization (“RMA”) Form

Customer Company Name: ___________________________________________________________

Contact Name: _____________________________________________________________________

City:  ___________________________________State: ________________           Zip: ____________

Email address: _________________________________          Phone: _____________________________

RMA #: ______________________________________   Date Issued: _________________________

Include original order number and date of order to validate Warranty Claims.

Order Number

Order Date

Reason for Return

Serial Number

Part Number


















Additional comments: ______________________________________________________________






Customer Signature: ___________________________________  Date: ______________________