Long ago, CiSCO established both Environmental and a Software Departments to ensure that our client’s permit and reporting requirements are met. Since it’s inception in 1985 CiSCO has built over seven hundred and fifty CEMS systems. We have provided outstanding service and guaranteed certification with a certification success rate of over 99% on the first attempt – 100% after the second attempt.

Our first CEMS solution was completed in 1986. By 1989 we had designed a system that would accurately and reliably measure ammonia (frequently referred to as ammonia slip). Since that time we have built well over ninety similar systems. We have also designed and built numerous systems that measure NOx both before and after the SCR. This type of system provides a feed forward ammonia injection control signal.


We have also been successful in certifying CEMS at levels less than 2 ppm for NOx, 2 ppm for CO and 2 ppm for NH3, not just at a single site, but at numerous installations.