EPA changes PGVP Rules for 13Q2 Reporting

EPA recently revised the cylinder gas type codes that are reported with daily calibration and QA checks. This change is effective beginning with the submission of Q1 2013 data and will include any resubmission of data for prior quarters. Only the gas type codes are affected by this change.  All other Protocol Gas Verification Program (PGPV) information should be reported as normal.

The gas type code data is now a comma-delimited list of gas component codes. Users must also report the cylinder balance gas (nitrogen or air). The old gas type codes that identified specific blends or mixtures of gases are no longer supported. Click here for a table that provides a cross reference between the old gas type codes and the new gas type format.

Example: A cylinder contains CO, NO, and nitrogen. The old gas type code was “NC”. Now, report “CO,NO,BALN” for the gas type code.

These changes will require all 40 CFR 75 facilities to have updated versions of CeDAR and breez75X.   CiSCO will work with all affected facilities to upgrade CeDAR and breeze75X during Q1 2013.   Additionally, all gas types for daily calibration checks in Q1 will have to be retroactively edited in breez75X to reflect this change.

For more information see the new PGVP lessons on the CiSCO website.