CiSCO is proud to have two software offerings, CeDAR our CEMS Data Acquisition and Reporting software that collect the data from a variety of PLC’s and other devices and breez75x, our EDR generating software. CiSCO developed both of our software products to be easy to use and problem free. If you ever have a problem, remote access to your system is available either through the built-in modem or a VPN access to the system allows CiSCO’s software specialists to diagnose and correct problems remotely usually very quickly. CeDAR and breez75x were designed and built by CiSCO, not third party suppliers. Our many years of experience means we design and build just what customers need today, with the flexibility of a configurable product to quickly meet their future needs.

CiSCO’s software-team teaches both CeDAR and breez75x from the ground up, at your site or ours. Training covers the basics of daily operation of the system, the use of the Value Editor, the Report Generator package and more. Additional training courses cover EDR reporting and the breez75X software.